AnyCheck TCM Disease Prevention System
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Policy Guidance
The concept of "TCM Disease Prevention" service is to take the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party as the guiding point, and to meet the needs of the people for the prevention and TCM health care services as the starting point. Based on the theory of " Disease Prevention", it establishes a health care service system that sets TCM prevention, health care, and rehabilitation as the main treatment services to improve people’s health.
Policy Basis
2009 Implementation Opinions of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Actively Developing Chinese Medicine Preventive Health Care Services
2014 The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Guidelines for the Construction and Management of the Treatment of Diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals (Revised Edition)
2015 Chinese Medicine Health Service Development Plan (2015-2020)
2016 Outline of Chinese Medicine Development Strategy Plan (2016-2030)
Construction Solutions
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