One-Stop Smart Health Exam Station

National Leading
Self-Service Health Management Platform

Fully UpgradeSimple and Convenient Operation

Docking Different SystemsApplied in Different Institutions

This is AnyCheck One-stop Smart Health Exam Station.
It conducts physical examination, data collection and uploading for users, and uses "Internet +", cloud computing, big data service technology, and relies on AnyCheck Health Management Cloud Platform (a platform that can be docked with existing institutions) to provide health management informatization cloud services and overall solutions for all organizations.
Reasonable layout High-end and full sense of medical technology
Delicate construction Bottom pulley can be fixed, move flexibly and move in different place reasonable
Convenient use Detection data can saving automatically in the platform and be viewed at any time
Comprehensive medical checkup to assess your health
It can exam 10 vital signs such as body weight, height, blood pressure and blood glucose, transmit these physiological data to the server through wireless transmission, use cloud technology to store, analyze and query, and provide medical staff with assessment of health status and early symptoms of disease.
Body Fat
Blood Pressure
Blood Oxygen
Blood Glucose
Uric Acid
Total Cholesterol
Waist-to-hip Ratio
Smart Users can without having to have a dedicated service
High efficiency It can help organizations quickly measure user's vital signs
Quick More than 10 vital signs can be measured in just 8 minutes, and a medical report can be printed
Interconnection It can connect to Internet, detect, upload and save data, and create files for users
The operation of self-service detection is so simple
It has no need to specially staff, and anyone can self-test. The computer screen shows the operation steps, and the self-printing test report is measured which is convenient and simple.
1.Login by swiping your ID card
2.Enter ID number or mobile phone number to log in
3.Start measurement
4.View individual measurement results
5.Finish measurement and view report
6.View/ Print report
Diversified Application Scenarios
It can be applied to different organizations, conduct physical examinations for users in the area, dock AnyCheck health management system, store data, analyze, query, provide health assessment for regional users, discover diseases and provide personalized health management services.
Government Department Applicable to civil pension and cadre health care: all kinds of nursing homes, hospital cadres health care, day care, etc.
Company Applicable to large-scale institutional enterprise groups, institutions (real estate / property / bank / insurance, etc.) health services
Health administration Applicable to the management of discharged patients: general hospital, specialist hospital related health management department / disease prevention/ chronic disease management center
Service Industry Applicable for all types of medical examinations, health management agencies, pharmacies, fitness centers, sports centers, clinics and family doctors
Public health Applicable to community medical units: social health, community hospitals, outpatient departments, township health clinics, etc.
AnyCheck Self-service Health Monitoring Smart Center
With self-developed AnyCheck health management system
the platform can be managed by the existing platform of the docking organization
It can help health professionals and health management organizations customize and implement personalized health management programs to help users promote health.
Recommended by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Recommended by Chinese Health Management Association
Recommended by National Comprehensive Prevention and Control Demonstration Zone for Chronic Diseases
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