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Based on a deep understanding of the national policy and the elderly care service, AnyCheck smart medical elderly care service platform uses various advanced information technologies (Internet of Things, Internet, mobile Internet technology, intelligent calling, cloud technology, GPS positioning technology, etc.). Create a "System + Service + Elderly + Terminal" smart care service model, and apply in different institutions such as elderly care institutions, home care, community day care. Through the interconnection and synchronization of data across terminals, each department and role are connected to form a complete closed loop of intelligent management, realizing the information exchange between the elderly and children, service organizations and medical personnel, and effectively controlling the physical condition, safety situation and daily activities of the elderly. Monitoring, timely meeting the needs of the elderly in life, health, safety, entertainment and other aspects.
China's Current Elderly Care Status
The family's elderly care function is weakening, and the demand for elderly care services is rising.
With the reduction of family’s companionship, family elderly care are becoming weaker. The elderly have strong needs for life services, life care and spiritual comfort. They need more careful care and professional nursing services. The elderly have two fears: one is afraid of disappointment, disability, empty-nest, and the second is afraid of getting sick. Family elderly care cannot meet the needs of the elderly for a variety of realistic elderly care services.
The number of the elderly care institution is relatively small, and absent bed occupancy is very high.
There are 27.5 old-age beds for every 1,000 elderly people in China. However, the conditions of the grassroots nursing home are limited, the medical resources are lacking, the nursing measures are not in place, and the medical treatment is not convenient, resulting in the actual vacancy rate of the nursing home reaching 48%. The development of elderly care institutions is lagging behind, and there are a series of problems such as insufficient service capacity, lack of professional nursing staff, and difficulty in sustainable development.
The concept of elderly care changes, the consumption potential is huge
With the improvement of China's social security system, most of the elderly have been guaranteed by medical and elderly care insurance. The elderly has no worries in his later years and dares to consume. According to the data of the aging office, the consumption potential of the elderly population in China will increase from 4 trillion to 106 trillion in 2014-2050, and the proportion of GDP will increase from 8% to 33%.
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Xiangtan City Regional Smart Elderly Care
The project is a combination of medical and nursing institutions represented by the Sixth People's Hospital of Xiangtan (Xiangtan Rehabilitation Center), which provides the elderly with diversified and comprehensive elderly care services includes elderly care, medical care, rehabilitation, nursing and hospice care to improve the quality of life of the elderly.
Hainan Fuli Mangrove Bay Health Retirement Project
Hainan Province is a well-known health base in China. The R&F Mangrove Bay Health and Pension Center aims to build a regional integrated nursing base for the elderly. The project relies on the “health care service platform” combined with the Fudi Health and Pension Center as a support base to fully integrate Hainan. The medical resources of public medical institutions form a service model that combines effective community and home care, and provides regionalized information solutions for Hainan elderly groups.
Elderly care services in community and home of Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province
The project realized the construction of the community home care service system in Shijiazhuang. Through the Internet of Things, the Internet, smart calling, cloud technology, mobile Internet technology, GPS positioning technology, etc., create a smart system of “system + service + elderly + terminal”. Through the construction of the system platform, the elderly use a series of smart devices (such as elderly machines, watches, wireless transmission of health detection equipment) to achieve information exchange with children, service centers, medical staff. The elderly do not have to live passively in the nursing home to receive services. They can choose and enjoy professional aged care services at home, involving life assistance, rehabilitation care, emergency assistance, day care, human care, spiritual comfort, recreational activities, legal aid, etc.
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