Health Examination
Management System
Bottleneck of Examination Industry
Low Efficiency in Physical Examination
Physical examination services still rely on people, with high labor costs and low efficiency.
Low Satisfaction
There are many confusions in the physical examination site, resulting in long waiting times, frequent emergencies, and low customer satisfaction.
Low Resource Utilization
The medical examination business is single, the physical examination in the morning and the basic idle state in the afternoon, resulting in waste of resources and insufficient development of user resources.
Lack of Differential Competitiveness
The homogenization of medical examination services is similar and the main competition is price. The products and services lack differentiated competitiveness.
Poor User Stickiness
Lack of long-term effective user interaction after test, resulting in poor user stickiness, low loyalty, and high churn rate.
Health examination management system helps physical examination institutions
The health check-up management system aims to build an integrated health examination and health management system under the professional guidance of health management center, and introduce health management services into physical examination business to achieve physical examination and health management integration, and form cyclic health management included check-up, assessment, and intervention.
Build a full-closed management included health examination, assessment and intervention.
Establish an integrated management system for health examination and health management under the professional guidance of medical examination center.
Using Internet, the health management service is extended to the outside of the medical examination organization, and it also can slosely relate to the users.
Using the Internet of Things technology, it connects equipmenst, LIS, PACS, and HIS are connected to the physical examination center to automatically upload data.
Open a data interconnection interface inside and outside the medical examination center to build a healthy big data platform. It is necessary to record the life of users, manage the life, and serve the whole life.
Overall Solution Frame Diagram
Whole Process of Physical Examination
Focusing on service targets, we are guided by inspection projects and aim at integrated services. We provide comprehensive physical examination services and health management before, during and after physical examination.
It provides appointment platform for health management center, such as medical examination reservation system, APP reservation, self-service reservation, etc.
During examination
The system supports multiple business types to maximize the efficiency of the medical examination department.
After examination
By connecting APP, the examiner uses mobile phone to view the report online; and conducts health assessment, guidance, intervention, online consultation for the post-test people and realizes health management service of the medical examination population.
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