AnyCheck Hospital information
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Product description of AnyCheck Hospital information management system
AnyCheck Hospital Information Management System (HIS) complies with the specifications and requirements of the new "Hospital Financial Management System" jointly issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission's "Basic Functional Specifications for Hospital Information Systems" and the Health Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance. In order to optimize the hospital management and improve the efficacy rate of the diagnosis, to facilitate the patient-centered service concept, using computer hardware and software technology, network communication technology and other modern means to comprehensive management of the hospital, its various departments of people flow, logistics, financial flow, The collection, storage, processing, extraction, transmission, and statistical analysis of data generated at various stages of medical activities generate various information, thereby providing comprehensive, automated management and various services for the overall operation of the hospital.
AnyCheck Hospital information management system product structure
Principles for the construction of AnyCheck hospital information management system
HIS system design is the focus of the entire information construction. Although the specific network equipment, server type and system software are not the same when designing the HIS system solution, follow the most basic principles, considering the overall situation and persisting in the long-term development. Planning, strengthening infrastructure construction, and building the HIS system into a system with high starting point and easy expansion, upgrade, management and practicality is an inevitable requirement.
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