E-Techco Group and Yunnan Tobacco’s HNB / CBD International Market Strategic Cooperation Agreement

2021-07-22 15:32

Recently, E-Techco Group and Yunnan Tobacco Biotechnology signed the strategic cooperation agreement of “HNB / CBD International Market Project" in Shenzhen International Innovation valley. Based on the principle of "resource integration, complementary advantages and win-win development", the two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of HNB / CBD, focusing on the HNB / CBD markets of Japan and the United States, Work hand in hand to research and develop related products, production and market development. Mr. Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-Techco group, Ms. Kang Meng, executive president, Ms. Xiao Yingfen, vice chairman and CFO, Dr. Ge Xinke, co-founder and CTO, Mr. Zhao Li, director of strategic cooperation business, Mr. Su Chaoying, director of technology research and development, Mr. Peng Linglin, deputy director of investment manager and other core teams, and the co-founder and CEO of Yunnan Tobacco company Mr. Long Yuming, product director and other management teams witnessed this moment together!

Yunnan Tobacco Biotechnology  was founded in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise with tobacco sheet, granule, pop beads, flavors, spices, CBD, HNB (heating and non burning) electronic cigarette and beads industrial chain, and is the leading provider of electronic cigarette, CBD and HNB products and services. Its products are supplied to many domestic provincial tobacco companies and exported overseas. The independently developed HNB smoke beads has been successfully listed on the market, and has invested and built a high-capacity production line overseas. Since its establishment, Tobacco has been committed to providing technology innovation and system solutions to improve quality and efficiency for global tobacco enterprises; Rich experience in production, R & D and sales of all kinds of smoke beads has been highly appreciated by customers and industry. At present, eight major business segments have been developed, including the production and production line of tobacco exploding beads, the development and manufacture of tobacco flavor and flavor, the innovation and matching application of new cigarette materials, the quality control and upgrading service of cigarettes, the development of new tobacco products, the landing of international markets for tobacco products, the manufacture of special filter rods, and the water borne beads.

E-Techco Group (Anycheck Health) focuses on medical informatization and medical intelligence, continuously innovates products, and upgrades five core product lines: intelligent health whole process management system, intelligent medical maintenance management platform, intelligent hospital cloud information system, intelligent image aided interpretation platform and intelligent Traditional Chinese Medicine aided identification platform. The product structure is continuously optimized, and key core technology research is continuously strengthened, It has applied for and owned more than 3000 intellectual property rights, and is a high-tech leading enterprise in the field of health science and technology at China and abroad.

Based on E-Techco’s deep technology accumulation in the field of medical science and technology, and being a highly international company, it has professional channels and investment partners in the HNB / CBD field in Japan and the United States; Yunnan Tobacco has profound production and R & D technology accumulation and strength in the field of HNB / CBD. Therefore, in order to lay out the overseas HNB / CBD consumer market and carry out HNB / CBD related business in product, channel, technology, information, resources and so on, the two parties have carried out in-depth resource integration, realized complementary advantages, and established a solid and multi-dimensional comprehensive strategic partnership, further expand and strengthen the supply chain of HNB / CBD market in Japan and the United States, and provide technical and product support for overseas partners.