Mr.John Zhang Guanjing, CEO of E-techco (Anycheck) Recived the Title of Advanced Individual of Social Service in Shenzhen in 2020

2021-01-22 14:41
Due to his outstanding contribution to epidemic prevention in 2020, Mr. Zhang Guanjing, chairperson and CEO of E-techco (Anycheck), awarded the honorary title of advanced individual in social service in 2020 by Shenzhen Municipal Committee of China Public Interest Party!

Zhang guanjing, founder of E-techco group, Shenzhen Anycheck Health Information Technology Co., Ltd’s Chairman & CEO, Bachelor of engineering, Department of chemistry, Tsinghua University; Master of business administration, University of international business and economics; EMBA, Harvard Business School; famous entrepreneur and scientist in China's communication and medical IT industry; founder of Huawei's overseas market. E-techco group was founded in 2003, engaged in the research of medical and health informatization and intellectualization, and successfully developed many intelligent hardware products and informatization platforms of anycheck series, which has made great contributions to the medical and health informatization and intellectualization in China. At present, as the first right holder, Zhang Guanjing has authorized more than 3000 intellectual property rights, including more than 700 invention patents. Six patents have won the China Patent Excellence Award, and one scientific and technological achievement has been awarded the second prize of Shenzhen Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

In the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia, Mr. Zhang has organized many staff donations, including masks, disinfectant water and other anti epidemic materials to the epidemic line. He also donated medical equipment to poor areas, helped the health and epidemic prevention work in the poor areas, and intensified the fight against the development of medical equipment (infrared thermometer) to protect children in Shenzhen Nanshan District from returning to school and resuming their classes. He is known as a model of private entrepreneurs, whose main personal advanced deeds are as follows:

Firstly, E-techco (Anycheck)  and Debao County, Baise City, Guangxi Province have formed a pair of helping relationship. Mr. Zhang Guanjing actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee to "resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation", supported the counterpart poverty alleviation work of Nanshan District Party committee and government, performed the social responsibility to the greatest extent, and supported the development of people's health. A novel coronavirus pneumonia company, Shenzhen city's security measurement information technology Co., Ltd and Guangxi Baise Debao County, have formed a pair of supporting relationship. They donated health monitoring equipment to the health care hospital of Chengguan Town, Debao County, to support the construction of primary health care and health services in Debao County, enhance their health and epidemic prevention levels, and win the battle against the new crown pneumonia. The poverty alleviation work is the charity work of E-techco group in return for the society, which shows the responsibility and responsibility of Mr. Zhang as an entrepreneur.

Secondly, with the strong support of Shenzhen Public Interst Party, Shenzhen CPPCC, and the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee, E-techco's subsidiary Shenzhen Anycheck Health Information Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a pair supporting relationship with Tianlin County, Baise City, Guangxi Province. Anycheck has been donating to Tianlin County Hospital wtih traditional Chinese medicine equipment. The management equipment was used to support the epidemic prevention work of the health department of Baise City in Guangxi. On the basis of pairing assistance, the two sides give full play to their respective advantages, innovate medical assistance methods, enhance the effectiveness of assistance, help Guangxi Baise update medical facilities and equipment, and provide medical information technology support and solutions to help Guangxi Baise improve the level and ability of medical services.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, E-techco Group donated medical equipment and masks to Hequ County of Shanxi Province to support the work of Hequ County. After the covid-19 outbreak, Mr. Zhang organized several fundraising activities within the group and took the lead in pledging, buying masks, disinfectant and other urgent anti epidemic materials to support the epidemic prevention work in Hequ County of Shanxi province. The Hequ Health Bureau awarded Anycheck with "Caring Enterprises".

Last buy not least, Anycheck AI infrared temperature measuring robot helps Shenzhen students return to school. E-techco (Anycheck) is a software and hardware product R & D, production, sales and overall solution provider focusing on the field of medical and health informatization and intelligence. It has a solid technical foundation, high-level scientific research team, advanced scientific research instruments and systems. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, automatic temperature measuring equipment has once become the most scarce anti epidemic equipment. President Zhang Guanjing organized a research and development team to work overtime to quickly develop an AI infrared temperature measuring robot. Through AI technology, the product supports fixed-point temperature measurement in large area, large flow and dense area, and can be widely used in crowd. Temperature detection at entrances and exits of airports, high-speed railway stations, hospitals, schools and other places. Many schools under Shenzhen Nanshan experimental education group have adopted the equipment developed by the Institute of safety and health, which has effectively guaranteed the smooth return of students to school during the epidemic period.

Chairman Zhang Guanjing has always stressed that it is the mission and goal of E-techco to ensure the quality of life of the people and provide health protection for the people for a lifetime! In the R & D and innovation work of AI + smart medicine, AI + smart health, AI + smart pension, AI + auxiliary diagnosis, AI + medical imaging, we always give priority to the health of the people of the whole country. Now, Mr. Zhang guanjing, chairperson and CEO of E-techco (Anycheck), is leading all crews to work hard to realize the human health dream and the Chinese dream of Anycheck!