Anycheck Selected as the “Pride of Shenzhen”

2020-12-29 09:57

On the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the editorial board of “Pride of Shenzhen " specially selected 100 outstanding entrepreneurs who have made positive contributions to the construction of Shenzhen in the 40 year development process. Based on their struggle stories, the editorial board edited and published a large documentary book " Pride of Shenzhen ", showing their brilliant experience of standing up to the tide, working hard and making bold innovations; the book also highly refined the innovative, pragmatic, open, patient, tenacious and dedicated spirit of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in Shenzhen. In the process of China’s reform and opening up, they created a spirit of Shenzhen, and this book is presented as a gift to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone!

Forty years ago, Shenzhen was once known as the desert of science and technology. Today, Shenzhen has more than 30,000 science and technology innovation enterprises and 17,000 national high-tech enterprises. Shenzhen has invested more than 100 billion yuan in R & D, with an average of more than 60 international patents born every day, becoming a banner of the national high-tech industry. Shenzhen has emerged not only the world's top 500 enterprises such as Huawei, but also a large number of leading backbone enterprises in global related industries such as Dajiang, as well as Unicorn or quasi Unicorn enterprises in many industries such as Anycheck. These high-tech enterprises leading the trend of the times are becoming beautiful business cards for "China Intelligent Manufacturing" to go to the world.

E-Techco group (Anycheck) is just one of these beautiful business cards. Under the guidance of Mr. Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of the company, with the innovation of concept, system, technology, new industry / new format / new mode, E-Techco group has made great strides in the vast sea of reform and opening up, strived to the top of the industry, and shouldered the banner of scientific and technological innovation. The selection by “Pride of Shenzhen” is well deserved.

Attached: “Pride of Shenzhen”—the Leading Chapter

To Be a World Influential Leader of Smart Medical Care

-- Interview with Zhang Guanjing, Chairman and CEO of Anycheck

Zhang Guanjing, Chairman and CEO of Anycheck, graduated from the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University, MBA of University of international business and economics, EMBA of Harvard Business School, senior engineer and senior economist. Former vice president of Huawei and founder of Huawei’s overseas market. He is the first president of the school of materials branch of Shenzhen Alumni Association of Tsinghua University. He is the leader of innovation in China and the science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program of Guangdong special branch. He is a leading talent and the winner of China honest entrepreneur merit award in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. With more than 60 authorized invention patents and 6 Chinese patent Excellence Awards, he is a leader in China's smart medical industry.

Since the reform and opening up for more than 40 years, China's medical and health undertakings have made great achievements. However, due to the large population, the serious shortage of medical resources, the relatively backward medical technology and level, and the uneven distribution of medical resources, it has become a long-term problem for the government and the people. Especially with the acceleration of China's urbanization process, the population is gathering in large and medium-sized cities, and the problem of aging population is becoming more and more serious. The "stubborn diseases" such as difficult and expensive to see a doctor seriously affect the quality of life and happiness index of ordinary people. In the face of the current situation of China's medical and health system, the state has vigorously deepened the reform of the medical and health system, and promoted the rapid development of medical and health undertakings. In particular, in the national 13th five year plan, it is clearly proposed to promote medical informatization, comprehensively innovate the future health concept and medical system, and upgrade healthy China into a national strategy, with three medical linkage, separation of medicine, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and interconnection. The construction of Healthy China with online medical service as the core has become an important part of deepening the reform of medical and health system. Internet plus has become an important technical means to deepen the reform of healthcare and promote healthy China. With the vigorous development of new technologies such as big data, 5G communications, Internet of things and AI, China's medical information has entered a real golden period. As an important part of its health care industry, it will enter a stage of rapid development.

The leader of Smart Medical Industry

Among the numerous smart medical enterprises, E-Techco (Anycheck) is undoubtedly the best one. Since its establishment in 2003, E-Techco group has been specializing in life-IT technology research and product development, deeply cultivating the medical and health industry, taking cutting-edge technology research and innovation as the company's core development strategy, and continuously investing in information technology, biotechnology, digital technology and other fields. With the most advanced artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning and other technologies and products to serve the medical information and health care industry, we are committed to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and benefit of clinical medicine through the integration and innovation of life science and information science.

E-Techco (Anycheck) is headquartered in Shenzhen International Innovation Valley, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Changsha, etc. At present, the intelligent health detection all-in-one machine and chronic disease management system have been selected into the product service promotion catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China. All kinds of products and solutions have been widely used in more than 650 Grade-A hospitals, Grade-A hospitals, 450 social health centers and primary medical units in China, and have received positive response and wide praise from the market.

Over the years, E-Techco (Anycheck) has been adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation driven and technology led". Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Guanjing, with its strong R & D strength and technology accumulation, E-Techco group has applied for and owned more than 3100 kinds of intellectual property rights in the field of "Ai + medical treatment + health + pension". It is a leading enterprise in intellectual property rights of the state, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen, and a leading AI medical care enterprise in Guangdong. E-Techco is a Provincial Intellectual Property demonstration enterprise, and has won six Chinese patent Excellence Awards. The number of patent applications in the field of intelligent medical segmentation is the first in China and the fourth in the world. The patent technology covers many fields, such as biological it, o2o medical service, network hospital, health management, chronic disease intervention, health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, intelligent pension and so on.

In addition, E-Techco (Anycheck) has established extensive cooperative relations with many well-known universities, research institutions, well-known enterprises and scientists at home and abroad to carry out continuous innovation and industrial application in the field of smart medicine and health care for the elderly. The company has academician workstation, postdoctoral workstation, doctoral workstation; core scientists include more than 20 Chinese and foreign academicians, professors, doctors, etc. At the same time, it has become an ecological partner of Huawei (Strict Selection Scheme, Kunpeng cloud arm architecture, ISV).

In terms of market transformation of innovative achievements, E-Techco (Anycheck) has also made remarkable achievements. It has successfully applied a number of self-developed scientific research achievements to medical, health and pension fields, and developed intelligent health whole process management system, intelligent community healthcare platform, intelligent hospital cloud information management platform, intelligent image aided interpretation platform, and intelligent traditional Chinese medicine assistant platform.

Among them, five key scientific research platforms of traditional Chinese medicine interpretation are supported by the national intelligent platform. Among the five core product lines, in addition to the software system that E-Techco (Anycheck) is proud of, intelligent hardware such as large, medium and small-sized all-in-one machines and four diagnostic instruments of traditional Chinese medicine, which they independently developed, have also become popular products in major application scenarios. Relying on the strong advantages of the combination of software and hardware, E-Techco (Anycheck)can provide a number of products and solutions such as medical intelligence, medical informatization, health informatization, regional health informatization, intelligent detection equipment, etc., which has made a positive contribution to promoting the construction of smart medical in China.

Technology Talent From Huawei

Why can E-Techco (Anycheck) stand out in the competitive smart medical industry and become the leader of the industry? This has to start from the personal experience of Zhang Guanjing, chairman of the company.

Zhang Guanjing has been a academic talent since he was a child. Almost all the examinations in primary and secondary schools were full marks. In 1980, he won the second place in the Department of Chinese and chemistry in Hebei Province. In Tsinghua University, Zhang Guanjing has gained a lot. The first is the strict training in specialty and ability. He studied more than 50 professional basic courses, among which he was particularly interested in sensitive materials science, which was later named "sensor science" by the scientific community, and sprouted a strong interest in research.

The excellent learning environment of Tsinghua University has cultivated a large number of excellent talents. Zhang Guanjing's chemical engineering department is full of talents. Many of his classmates or senior brothers and sisters have become elites in various fields at home and abroad. Some of them are leaders in the academic field, some of them are leaders in the enterprise field and founders of listed companies, and some of them have become leaders of the party and the state For the pillars and leaders of the country. Inspired by the example of these excellent talents, Zhang Guanjing studied hard and worked hard. He served as a class member in the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University. He graduated with excellent results in 1985. Under the direct initiative of Professor Zhu Rongji, Dean of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University (later Premier of the State Council), he studied economics and management by himself, and was admitted to MBA, becoming the second MBA in China A group of science and engineering interdisciplinary examination of economic management graduate students.

After graduating from University, Zhang Guanjing successively worked in CITIC Group and Huayuan Group. In 1994, he joined Huawei as the founder and core executive of overseas market, and participated in the creation of many overseas regional divisions and joint ventures of Huawei. Zhang Guanjing has a bright future. However, the good time did not last long. A nightmare completely changed Zhang Guanjing's life.

In 2003, Zhang Guanjing, whose career is on the rise, suffered a family accident. Unfortunately, his favorite daughter had a car accident. This is a heavy blow to Zhang Guanjing. Thinking about the fact that he didn't accompany his daughter to grow up for the sake of his career, Zhang Guanjing is heartbroken. At this time, he feels that no great career can match his daughter's company when she needs him. After careful consideration, Zhang Guanjing decided to resign from Huawei and return to her daughter to take care of her. Father's love is like a mountain. Although many people didn't understand it at that time, in Zhang Guanjing's opinion, it was a decision that a father should make. During her stay with her daughter, Zhang Guanjing saw the fragility and tenacity of her life as she watched the hospital full of people coming and going, and then came up with the idea of doing something for the medical and health industry. He first thought that he has been exposed to it technology. If he can combine it with life and health, will more people enjoy better medical services and experience?

Shenzhen has the spirit of daring to venture, dare to do, and dare to be the world first. Zhang Guanjing, who was born in Huawei, is an activist. He says to do what he wants. He wants to make China's medical and health care wonderful because of him. But at that time, the combination of IT technology and life and health was still a no man's land. There was no experience to learn from, so we had to cross the river by ourselves. Although there are many difficulties, it is a simple and firm idea of a father to combine "it" with "health" and use "life it" to change the world. As a senior executive who came out of Huawei, Zhang Guanjing's team believes in saving the country and serving the country with science and technology. In his mind, three words have become his navigation aids. Zhang Guanjing calls these three words hard technology, soft power and big environment. Hard technology and soft culture refer to Huawei's technological strength accumulated over the years and the spirit of corporate culture inherited, and the big environment is the same He is very optimistic. He firmly believes that medical treatment will usher in explosive growth in the future, and the market is very large. In such an environment, as long as you find the right direction, success is not accidental.

At the beginning of the establishment of E-Techco (Anycheck), a good project is the elderly health mobile phone. They combined the characteristics of the elderly to design the ordinary mobile phone into a big key, and then set some short numbers inside, so that the elderly can also use the mobile phone easily. At the same time, they also designed some functions to prevent falling and losing, and some functions to measure blood sugar and blood pressure, which are very convenient Loved by the elderly users, mobile phones have been sold very well overseas since they came into the market. At the most popular time, an order can reach more than 100 million yuan. In this way, Zhang Guanjing won the first pot of gold through the elderly health mobile phone.

Zhang Guanjing was not dazzled by the success of the elderly health mobile phone. Instead, he had a deeper understanding of the health field. He found that although the elderly health mobile phone is popular, it has low technology content, homogeneous products and fierce market competition. If the company wants to be sustainable, it must open up new fields. After repeated research and investigation, information technology in the medical field has entered Zhang Guanjing's vision. At that time, medical informatization was still in the early stage of development, and there was no mature scheme in the market. However, with the rapid development of the Internet, medical information is bound to be the general trend; the application prospect is very broad. In addition to the company's previous accumulation in the field of health care and it, Zhang Guanjing feels that the time, place and people are all right. Why not? Therefore, Zhang Guanjing led the team to enter the field of medical informatization.

It is not easy to transform from a manufacturing enterprise to a deep R & D enterprise and start to do medical informatization, such as how to manage cancer? How to diagnose? How to treat? How to detect diabetes? How to screen? How to detect heart failure? How to screen? And so on, how to raise health management to a clinical level? How to raise the health management of single disease to the height of disease management? All of these need a set of perfect management system to support. Combined with the past experience, E-Techco  has carried out in-depth R & D innovation in the fields of tumor, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and so on, and finally made a set of chronic disease management system and platform, incorporating some common chronic diseases into the system management. At the same time, E-Techco has also cooperated with some top scientists at home and abroad. During the development of the company, its business scope has been constantly broadened and gradually involved in many fields, such as R & D and manufacturing of medical hardware equipment, cloud information management platform of smart hospital, which has greatly improved the medical efficiency and quality.

Building a Healthy Human Dream by Innovation Technology

A long way has gone, a long way to go. After several years of rapid development, the Internet plus medical + health + pension framework of E-Techco has become famous in the industry, widely applied to major medical institutions and primary health care units. Especially with the rapid development of AI, E-Techco has used AI to give intelligent medical treatment, and has made brilliant achievements. At present, it has obtained class II medical device registration and production license (nmpa / GMP certification) and class III medical device business license (GSP certification). It is a national high-tech enterprise, a pilot and demonstration enterprise of smart health elderly care application of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, a pilot and demonstration enterprise of medical data industry development of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, an enterprise of smart health elderly care products and services promotion catalog, and a Chinese enterprise It is a leading enterprise in the intelligent medical industry, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, Guangdong health management Internet Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong chronic disease big data engineering technology research center, Guangdong high growth small and medium-sized enterprises, Guangdong Intellectual Property demonstration enterprise, and won the second prize of Shenzhen Science and technology progress award, top 70 innovative enterprises in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen intellectual property advantage enterprise And other honors.

In addition, with his outstanding contributions in the fields of life-it, health and Internet healthcare, Mr. Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-Techco, was awarded the honor and title of leader in China's smart healthcare industry, meritorious award of honest entrepreneurs in China's smart healthcare industry, and leader in science and technology Entrepreneurship of Guangdong special support plan.

As a senior manager coming out of Huawei, we can say that Huawei's gene is rooted in Zhang Guanjing's bones. He has unique vision and excellent insights. Under the guidance of the business philosophy of "technology leading, innovation driven", E-Techco group (Anycheck) invests more than 10% of its total business volume in scientific and technological research and development every year, and the research and development results have become smart medical lines The most beautiful scenery in the industry.

The charm of technological innovation can be seen everywhere in their five product lines. For example, the health line intelligent health whole process management system includes self-developed physical examination management, chronic disease management and preventive treatment management system, health cabin and various health measurement equipment and other original hardware, which are mainly used in general hospital physical examination department, professional physical examination institutions, community or grass-roots medical, regional chronic disease or physical examination cloud platform and other application scenario.s To get through "pre examination in examination" -The market has moved from the Red Sea to the blue sea through the "Post Examination" system platform, while the medical and nursing line smart community medical and nursing platform includes the smart community family ward and the medical and nursing visiting management system, the daytime operation monitoring system, the smart health care service platform, the intelligent health all-in-one machine, various portable monitoring equipment, etc. Relying on the intelligent hardware and information platform, the hospital community family three-dimensional integration of family doctor contract signing, daytime operation monitoring, community health pension demonstration, family sickbed and other contents are carried out; the cloud information management platform of medical line smart hospital includes cloud his, cloud lis, cloud PACS, cloud integration platform Ihe, data center (CDR, ODR, RDR), AI engine and clinical decision support system CDSs is mainly used in the medical informatization and intelligent construction of application scenarios such as general hospitals, hospital groups, medical consortia, and primary medical care; intelligent image aided interpretation platform products are applied in the imaging department of general hospitals, regional imaging platform, image teaching and research and other scenarios, realizing the detection of lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary thrombosis or aortic aneurysm, silicosis, and in lung cancer diagnosis The software part of the intelligent Chinese medicine aided interpretation platform includes face recognition, tongue / pulse recognition, pulse recognition, meridian recognition and thermal imaging recognition, and the hardware part includes four diagnostic instruments of traditional Chinese medicine, meridian instrument and infrared thermal imaging instrument. It is applied to the collection, analysis and interpretation of the four diagnostic information in the General Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine hospital, primary medical treatment and other scenes, to realize the six diagnostic functions of meridian and infrared thermal imaging of traditional Chinese medicine. Among them, the TCM four diagnostic instrument, physique identification instrument, preventive treatment service system and other products and services independently developed by Anycheck are the combination of artificial intelligence technology and traditional Chinese medicine theory and information technology, The application in the field of traditional Chinese medicine has made a major innovation breakthrough to improve the digitalization, informatization and intelligence level of traditional Chinese medicine, and has been fully recognized by many leaders and experts, such as the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine, Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Innovation is the key to the success of E-Techco(Anycheck), and talents are the magic weapon for its success. Zhang Guanjing has always attached great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents. More than 80% of the members of the technical expert team have overseas study experience, and their majors include biomedicine, clinical medicine, biochemistry, computer, artificial intelligence, etc. The members of the investment and financing team graduated from the Business School of the top 10 universities in the United States, and have experience in IPO and well purchase loan project implementation in overseas capital market, industry research and valuation. These talent advantages have laid the foundation for the future of E-Techco(Anycheck).

Build the human health dream and realize the Chinese dream of E-Techco. Today's E-Techco group (Anycheck Health) is striving to build a "unicorn" hard technology high-tech enterprise with continuous innovation ability, profound technology accumulation and high-quality customer service. We believe that under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Guanjing, E-Techco group (Anycheck Health) will become a world influential giant in the intelligent medical industry.