E-Techco Group’s ( Anycheck Health) CEO Zhang Guanjing and all staff wish you Merry Christmas

2020-12-24 09:55

Dear friends,

      We are about to bid farewell to the year 2020, which is full of harvest, and welcome to 2021, which is full of expectations. On this Christmas, Mr. Zhang Guanjing, Chairman and CEO of E-Techco Group (Anycheck Health), to all employees and family who are struggling to work hard, to all walks of life who have been concerned and supported the development of E-Techco Group Friends send their most sincere thanks and best wishes.

 Thank the entire team of the company for its indomitableness, hard work, unity and cooperation, forge ahead and forge ahead! Thanks to the medical and scientific financial partners and customers for their sincere recognition and support of cooperation! Thank you for your support and guidance! Thanks Tsinghua University and alumni for their cooperation and support! Wish all our friends from all walks of life, happy New Year, happy family, good health and good luck!

      In 2020, E-Techco Group ( Anycheck Health) spent an extraordinary and solid year in innovation and entrepreneurship, with great results!

  E-Techco Group focuses on medical informatization and medical intelligence, and continues to innovate products. It has upgraded the five major processes of smart health management system, smart hospital cloud information system, smart image- aided interpretation platform, smart TCM-aided identification platform, and AI pathology-assisted diagnostic platform. The core product line, the product structure is constantly optimized, and the technical advantages are increasingly prominent.

 Under the situation of overcoming the plight of new epidemic, the market performance of E-Techco Group ( Anycheck Health) has been steadily increased, and the business efficiency has been further improved. Products and services have entered more than 650 public medical institutions and more than 450 social health centers in China. The product competitiveness, product maturity, market acceptance, brand influence and bargaining power have been significantly improved!

   With the cooperation and support of friends from all walks of life, E-Techco Group has continuously strengthened key technology research. As a global ecological partner of Huawei, our AI chronic disease management system has been selected into the Huawei Cloud Strict Selection Program, Kunpeng Cloud ARM Architecture, ISV; we have worked with Tsinghua University signed a smart medical research and development and innovation strategic cooperation agreement; Antest Pulmonary Medical Imaging Assisted Diagnostic System is conducting cooperative research in a number of general hospitals, and will comprehensively promote the development of precision medicine for lung cancer in China in the future; Led by academicians, with Chinese medicine masters and scientists as the core team, they gathered well-known domestic Chinese medical research institutes and information technology companies to explore human physiology and pathology, standardize TCM diagnostic standards, and improve TCM diagnosis and treatment by means of life sciences, information technology, and artificial intelligence, integrate innovative technology into Chinese medicine, and let modern Chinese medicine spread to the world.

      With the high-tech products, AI technology, intellectual property innovation, industrialization advantages and the compound rapid growth of revenue scale in recent three years in the field of "AI + Medical, AI + Health, AI + Pension", E-Techco Group won the 2020 "top 50 high-tech enterprises in China" , "top 20 high-tech high-growth enterprises in Shenzhen" sponsored by Deloitte & Touche, "Lingyue plan" of China Merchants Bank, "new kinetic energy fund" key recommended enterprises, national intellectual property advantage enterprises, Shenzhen top 100 quality enterprises, two China Patent Excellence Awards. AI chronic disease management system won the second prize of Shenzhen Science and technology progress. Our product innovation, technological innovation and intellectual property innovation strength has been recognized by all sectors of the society, and our innovation strength is leading in the field of intelligent medical treatment in China! Many honorary awards show that the strong production and technology R & D strength of E-Techco Group ( Anycheck Health) has outstanding advantages in the field of intelligent medical treatment, with higher brand and product recognition, which has laid a technical foundation and scientific innovation attribute for the company's full promotion of IPO listing!

  These achievements are the result of the company's market team's pioneering and enterprising efforts, the results of the R & D and implementation team's hard work, the results of the solidarity and cooperation of all support teams, and the support of friends from all walks of life.

 In 2021, our task will be very heavy, the time is very urgent, and the pressure is very great. I will lead the company's entire team to keep pace with the times, serve the medical informatization and health care industry with the most advanced technologies and products such as artificial intelligence, big data, and deep learning. Through the integration and innovation of life sciences and information science, improve clinical medicine effectiveness, efficiency and benefits; the entire team of the company will continue to increase the sense of urgency, establish a sense of crisis, work hard to expand operations towards the market, and strive to improve the operating efficiency, and strive for a rapid IPO!

      E-Techco Group ( Anycheck Health) has always stressed the down-to-earth spirit and the corporate culture of "gratitude, responsibility, diligence and sharing". It is hoped that in 2021, our whole team will not forget their original intention and spare no effort to forge ahead in the AI + Medical + Health + Pension industry, with the national health policy as the guide, the full speed development of the national market as the basis, and artificial intelligence as the basis Guided by the comprehensive innovation of technology, we strive to be the leader and unicorn of domestic industry segmentation, and strive to realize the dream of human health and the Chinese dream of E-Techco!

   I wish all friends a happy Christmas, good health and all the best!


E-Techco CEO Zhang Guanjing