Leaders of Guangxi Civil Affairs Department Inspect E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) on"AI+Health"

2020-08-04 22:06

On the morning of August 3, 2020, Zhu Xueqing, Director of Guangxi Civil Affairs Department, accompanied by Chairman Zhang Xiaoxin of China Smart City Construction Investment Alliance, visited E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) Shenzhen headquarters to investigate the innovation and industrialization progress of "AI+Healthcare". The core team including E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) Vice Chairman and CFO Ms. Xiao Yingfen, Co-founder and CTO Dr. Ge Xinke, Chief Engineer Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, Strategic Cooperation Business Director Mr. Zhao Li, Investment Director Ms. Zhang Yue, Director of Solution Department Mr. Zhao Kang Fu and Ms. Chen Kui, assistant to the president, accompanied the inspection.

Director Zhu Xueqing, accompanied by Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, chief engineer of E-Techco (AnyCheck Health), first conducted a detailed on-site inspection of our products, and personally observed our company’s intelligent health all-in-one machine, TCM physical identification device and Software and hardware system products such as AI+ chronic disease, AI+ Chinese medicine, AI+ imaging, etc., highly praised our advanced intelligent health equipment and AI system. He praised: Now our country is developing towards an aging society, and the elderly population will reach 250 million by 2020, 480 million by 2049. The issue of aging population has become an important issue of the whole society, especially the health of the elderly, which is related to the happiness of a family. E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) launched the intelligent health all-in-one machine to carry out health management services for the elderly – very helpful for solving the issue. Through this set of health examination equipment, the elderly can easily, quickly and accurately understand their basic physical conditions, which not only improves the awareness and ability of self-health management of the elderly, but also truly implements the concept of integrating medical care and serving the elderly.

Afterwards, Director Zhu and his team and our management team started discussions on how to make Guangxi’s people healthier and how to better carry out smart elderly care. Dr. Ge Xinke, co-founder and CTO of E-Techco (AnyCheck Health), reported to Director Zhu and other guests at the meeting. He mentioned that the smart elderly care system developed by E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) is based on a deep understanding of national policies and the characteristics of the elderly care service system, empowering advanced information technologies such as AI to create a comprehensive system +Service + Elderly + Terminal" integrated smart medical care service model. The platform covers various forms of care for elderly care in institutions, home care, community day care, etc., forming a closed loop of intelligent management, which can timely meet the needs of the elderly in daily life, health, security, entertainment and other aspects. In response to the report, Director Zhu and other leaders commented that AnyCheck Smart Elderly Care System closely focuses on elderly care needs. It has comprehensive functions, simple operation, and friendly interface and can achieve effective allocation of resources for individuals, families, communities and institutions, truly improving the quality and efficiency of health care services.

Director Zhu introduced to the participants the core spirit of Guangxi's special action plans in the health and medical industry, the health care industry, the Shenzhen Bama Health Cooperation Special Pilot Zone, and the promotion of the "Four Hundreds" health industry cultivation project. He hopes that E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) can seize the opportunity of the increasing consumption demand of the huge elderly population group, strengthen the innovation capabilities in smart health and elderly care on top of providing high quality IT service products for medical institutions, and make more break-throughs on the core key technologies through government-enterprise linkage and open integration, eventually promoting the optimization and utilization efficiency of the existing medical, health, and elderly care resources and meeting the multi-level and diversified health and elderly service demands from families and individuals.

At the end, Director Zhu expressed his proud for the fact that AnyCheck health integrated machine and chronic disease management system were successfully selected into the "Smart Health Care Products and Services Promotion Catalog" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Health Commission, and also the company won the second prize of scientific and technological progress, China Patent Excellence Award, and other honors. Ms. Xiao Yingfen, vice chairman and CFO of our company, also expressed her gratitude to Director Zhu for his guidance, and said that E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) will continue to strengthen technology Innovation ability, strive to establish industry benchmarks, cooperate with local governments, ministries and commissions to carry out pilot demonstrations of smart health and elderly care applications and to promote the smart health and elderly care products and services, further moving the new development of smart health and elderly care industry forward, and realizing "human health dream, E-Techco's Chinese dream "!

Finally, Director Zhu sincerely invites AnyCheck Health to participate in the China Guangxi Health Industry Summit, which is to be held in Nanning, Guangxi on November 16 this year and looks forward to meeting again and discussing how AI can help improve the elderly health industry!