E-Techco(Qianhai AnyCheck) and Huawei constructed "AI+medical" ecology

2019-09-10 17:52

Recently, Huaweireleased the "Kunpeng Lingyun Partner Program", and E-Techco Group(Qianhai AnyCheck) took the lead in completing Huawei's Yunxiao Pengyun servicecompatibility test certification, becoming Huawei's Yunxiao Kunpeng Lingyunpartner. E-Techco Group (Qianhai AnyCheck) will serve as Huawei's globaleco-partner (AFP chronology management system and other products have obtainedHuawei's technical certification: Strictly selected program, Kunpengyun ARMarchitecture, ISV) and one of Huawei AI Partner Club members, work together withHuawei to build an open and win-win environment!

Huawei built its ownKunpeng processor based on ARM architecture. Huawei Cloud also built Kunpengcloud service and solution based on Huawei's Kunpeng processor, and opened amulti-new architecture on the cloud. In order to support the development ofKunpeng industry, Huawei released the “Huawei Yun Kunpeng Lingyun PartnerProgram”. Huawei Cloud plans to invest 100 million yuan in ecological funds toprovide partners with comprehensive training in training, technology, marketingand marketing to help more than 100 partners. Complete the development andapplication transplantation based on the Kunpeng cloud service, enablingpartners to achieve sales revenue of more than 500 million yuan through theHuawei cloud market.

Becoming a partner ofthe Kunpeng Lingyun Partner has certain standards: First, it needs to be amember of the Huawei Cloud Solution Partner Program, and must join the HuaweiCloud Cloud Market Plan, and also have the hard power of X86 heterogeneoussystem migration or development. After joining the Kunpeng Lingyun PartnerProgram, the partners will enjoy four major support benefits, including qualitytraining support, comprehensive technical support, marketing support, andbusiness support.

E-Techco (QianhaiAnyCheck) has become a partner of Huawei Yun Kunpeng Lingyun. Based on its coretechnology advantages and core solutions in the field of chronic diseasemanagement, it will transplant the security measurement and management solutionto the Kunpeng cloud service. The medical institution provides end-to-end safeand reliable solutions and a stable, reliable, secure and credible andsustainable development of chronic disease management cloud services to helpcustomers open a new era of smart healthcare, achieve win-win cooperation, andexpand their wings future!