E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) Huawei Cloud Hong Kong Summit promotes new ecological ecology of AI

2019-03-20 17:11

On March 19th, the Huawei Cloud Hong Kong Summit was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. More than 1,000 customers, partners and industry academics from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau were attending the summit. E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) attended the meeting as an important global strategic partner of Huawei Cloud. Chairman Zhang Guanjing led Mr. Wang Hairong, Senior Vice President, Mr. Zhou Liang, Deputy Chief Engineer, Mr. Ding Liang, Director of Propaganda Department, and Ms. Chen Cong, Assistant of President. Attend the launch ceremony of the HCPN AI Partner. The picture below shows Chairman Zhang Guanjing launching the Huawei Cloud AI Club on the podium with Huawei cloud leaders and eco-partner leaders.

First, the big coffee speech: "Cloud + AI", see the future

Mr. Deng Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Department, Mr. Zhang Yuxi, Huawei Cloud CTO, Mr. Chen Liang, Director of Global Partner Business Department of Huawei Cloud Marketing and Sales Department, Dr. Zhong Weiqiang, Deputy Director of Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, and Eco-Partner Leading experts delivered keynote speeches, announcing that they will invest more technology and resources to serve Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific market, with “Cloud+AI” to promote the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area into the intelligent era.

Chairman Zhang Guanjing and Huawei Cloud Global Market President Deng Tao, Huawei Cloud CTO Zhang Yuxi and other industry experts, customers, partners, and technical experts reported on the E-Tech Group's smart medical innovation and industrialization process. Everyone explored the collision and shared business insights:

Second, AI Partner Program: 10 companies were elected Huawei Cloud AI Partner Club

At the summit, Huawei Cloud announced the AI Partner Club program, and 10 innovative AI partners including E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) joined the Huawei Cloud AI Partner Club. The AI Partner Club Program is a global AI Partner Program launched by Huawei Cloud to help partners build successful business or solutions based on Huawei Cloud Enterprise Intelligence Services through training, technology, marketing and marketing. After successfully joining the AI Partner Club, the partners can enjoy benefits including EI product development advanced training camp, EI expert technical support, marketing support, and AI special incentives. According to different functions, Huawei Cloud AI Partner Club includes AI Innovation Incubator, AI Industry Agent Alliance, AI Technology Cooperation Alliance, and AI Consulting Service Alliance.

The first batch of Huawei Cloud AI Partner Club members are leading innovation companies in the AI field. Huawei Cloud selected E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) as an AI partner for medical digital transformation, once again proving that E-Techco Group is in “AI+Medical+Health” +Excellent strength in the field of “nursing”. Mr. Zhang Guanjing, Chairman and CEO of E-Techco Group, said that E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) is full of confidence in the future development of cooperation with Huawei Cloud, and believes that under the great attention and joint efforts of both parties, the promotion of smart medical services will be clouded. Transforming and upgrading, building a “cloud ecosystem” of smart healthcare. At the same time, E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) will take this as a new opportunity to consolidate strategic cooperation with Huawei Cloud. The two sides will rely on their own resource advantages, continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation, jointly explore new modes of smart medical industry development, and actively promote The digital transformation of the medical and health industry will be an active contributor to the cloud ecology with an open, cooperative and win-win attitude. It will provide stable, reliable, safe, credible and sustainable cloud services for major medical and health institutions to achieve win-win cooperation.

Third, Huawei Cloud Hong Kong AI Developer Contest Awards

At the summit, the results of the Hong Kong Huawei Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer Contest, jointly organized by Huawei Cloud and Hong Kong Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (HKSAIR) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), were announced. The BDT team from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the A.I. Phoenix team from Hong Kong Baptist University and the no man sky 5 team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Dr. Zhong Weiqiang, deputy director of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, presented the award to the winners.

E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) will join hands with Huawei Cloud to invest more technology and resources to serve the medical and health industry. Through deep technical accumulation, we will provide high-quality and efficient global AI smart medical solutions and technical services to fully promote smart medical care. Industrial upgrading, create a smart future.